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As part of Endesa Group, since 2005 we believe in bringing people together around the world. We have reached more than 40,000 people over 200 countries. We have built a strong relationship with our partners that allows us to offer the highest quality services.

We connect people around the world with a reliable, cost-effective solution. We encourage our clients to explore new markets and push their boundaries to make their business thrive.

We want to offer tailored services once limited to large companies accessible to everyone at a convenient price, making every reality valued.

We are committed to provide our staff with a stable and respectful work environment, as well as equal opportunities for personal and professional growth. We give them the same attention and affection as we do with our clients. The teamwork and spirit of solidarity strengthen the quality of our service. Each person that joins our team makes the following promise:

“I will show my resolute spirit by constantly pushing me to be the best and by never giving up. I will provide the highest level of customer service and treat others respectfully. I embrace my DVA Express family”.

People are our strength. We put the heart in everything we do so you can live an unique experience with DVA Express USA. That is why every person who is part of our company insure that you feel satisfied with being our customer.

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Thanks to the collaboration with important partners, the shipments are transported over the best routes insuring a real-time tracking in each step of the journey.


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We value your shipments as much as you do. Since 2005, we have ensured that all shipments are handled by the best transportation companies, either by air or ground, to guarantee you top-quality and the best service on the market.