Meet DVA Express USA

Competitive Parcel Delivery

The first carrier that saves you money and offers you a tailor-made delivery service.

With DVA Express USA, it's easy for consumers and businesses.

How it works

Looking for a reliable delivery service? Here it is.

With DVA Express USA it's a piece of cake. Select the option that best suits your needs and your pocket.

  • Find

    Find what to buy.

  • Buy

    Buy it using our warehouse location as delivery address, or if you prefer, we can buy it for you, just ask us.

  • Confirm

    Receive pictures of the article you want to buy and confirm your purchase.

  • Relax

    Relax and wait for your shipment to arrive.

Get customized solutions for your international business.

Manage your time and expenses, get a fast transportation service at a convenient price worldwide and expand your business reach.

  • Buy

    Select and purchase the goods from your suppliers abroad.

  • Send

    Send the goods to our warehouse address where we will consolidate all goods into one shipment.

  • Verify

    Receive pictures of the goods to verify your purchase. We will take care of the transportation and customs clearance.

  • Relax

    The goods will be delivered straight to your offices, warehouses or stores all over the country.