Customs clarence has never been easier


DVAIR is the air freight service thar makes you save money and time on customs clearance.

The reliable, international, door-to-door delivery service.

How it works


Purchase from your supplier

Contact your supplier and place your order.


Use our warehouse as delivery address

Ask your supplier to send your purchase to our warehouse address where we will take care of it.


Verify your purchase

We will take photos of your order as soon as it is delivered to our warehouse so you can confirm it.


Receive your shipment

You will receive your order at the address YOU CHOSE in a few days.

A choice that makes the difference

DVAIR is the service that makes the international shipping process easy for you.

  • Many individual packages with the same destination country are consolidated within the country of origin.

  • Consolidating all these packages produces a single shipping label and a single invoice, leading to a single customs clearance.

  • When the shipment enters the destination country, it is deconsolidated, and each package is ready for last mile delivery

  • Customers select the payment method they prefer.

  • Shipping time and additional charges are considerably reduced.

  • Full tracking system allows easy access to the entire flow shipment.

  • Receivers are not involved in the customs clearance process; this excludes them from knowing the customs charges and the amount of the single goods invoice (useful in case of gifts).

  • Warehousing & TAX warehousing are available to integrate your logistic needs and give you logistic support abroad as well as at home.

Your shipment is in safe hands

A specialized agent will take care of your package throughout the process up to the delivery.