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Other Services

You can customize your shipment with the complementary service that best suits your needs.


Insurance is a complementary service that extends the carrier's coverage. For the shipment to be covered, the following conditions must be met

  • The packaging must be adequate;

  • The invoice, receipt or any other document proving the value of the shipped item must be submitted.

The insurance only covers the value of the goods; NOT THE delays OR OTHER ACTS OF FORCE MAJOR.

We recommend taking photos of the inner and outer packaging before collection and ask the recipient to check the package before accepting the shipment. Regarding insurance for international shipments, please send an email to info@dvaexpressusa.com specifying:

  • The ZIP codes of departure and destination;

  • The weight and size of the package;

  • A detailed content description AND the VALUE OF THE INSURANCE.

Our consultants will send you a quote shortly AFTER.

Intelligent Alert

The integrated tracking system allows you to know in real time the progress of the shipment, from pickup to delivery. All you need is an email address or phone number WHERE WE CAN SEND THE REAL TIME STATUS OF YOUR SHIPMENT.

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